How to Pass MRCP Exams With Zero Stress?

Taking MRCP exams is like playing ping-pong. There is no time to think, either you know the concept they are asking about or you will have to make your best guess!

Most students who prepare for MRCP exams go through the following sequence:

This sequence usually takes a long time for an average student (at least 1 year or even more) and is liable to break down at any stage. The first obstacle in this sequence is finding a good source to read. Many sources which are available online are outdated and confusing. Some students will be exposed to a vicious ring of “revise and forget” and this will cost an additional time for preparation. Other students will find lots of gaps in their knowledge!

Less is more!

Medicine Keys is a learning platform that was created in 2019 to help medical students around the world to study smarter and score higher in their MRCP exams. It is designed and curated by over 10 internal medicine specialists who recently passed their MRCP exams. They are excited to help other exam takers to prepare for their exams efficiently. We provide concise summaries of +2000 high-yield topics. We work on your photo memory, all topics here are designed with thousands of full-color and eye-catching photos, illustrations, tables and algorithms. If you are a visual learner, Medicine key is the best for you! Here each topic is frequently updated according to the most recent guidelines, including NICE and BMJ guidelines. Also, the content is reviewed by our NHS colleagues and those who have passed the exams recently. Medicine Keys is your ultimate source for MRCP success.

A very important aspect in preparing for the MRCP exams is to be able to link concepts together and to differentiate between them in a short time. This is called “3D understanding”. Medicine Keys is a wonderful source for this point.

+3000 flashcards in the form of shorts questions and answers are currently available and more flashcards are continuously added. These flashcards cover all high-yield facts needed for MRCP exams.  

We have also included a “student consult” section through which you can consult our team about any confusing topic or concept and you will receive an answer to your query as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, all you need to pass MRCP efficiently is to focus on the topics and flashcards provided here at Medicine Keys and know their concepts well, then you can solve Q bank(s) and take the test.

Save your valuable study time and join +21.000 members worldwide who are using Medicine Keys to pass their MRCP exams!

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